Friday, January 14, 2011


So I made it to school today by the skin of my teeth...I thought we were doing just fine and then OMG, it's 8:00, I need to drop Danny off and get to my own school, about 10 minutes away by 8:20 at the very latest.  Checking the computer and letting Danny play the wii is a no no and should be banned from my morning routine!!  I made it with 5 minutes to spare~phew!  We had a lot to catch up on since we were out for the last 2 days, so I gave them super easy morning work, just enough to check folders quickly and start the day.  Our letter this week is Kk, which I did not get to yet and since we're off on Monday for Martin Luther King, I needed to cram it all in today(it's only half day k which is so hard), I used to teach full day, holy cow what a difference.  Anywho, I read Happy Birthday Martin Luther King! which is perfect for their level.   They got the whole concept and thought it was so silly that people weren't allowed to do and use the same things together. So, we read little sight word books and made these:
 it was so simple(most of my crafts are elaborate) and for some reason they loved them and couldn't wait to take them home.  I was sitting there looking at them thinking, these really need glitter or something, it's all about the GLITTER people~lol.  But if we put glitter on, they wouldn't be dry in time, so off they went glitter less.  And clearly, some of us need a lot more practice in tracing and cutting ;)   
Sight word book from Teachers Helper Dec/Jan 2004-05
After school I FINALLY GOT MY HAIR blonde again, yay!  I couldn't take it anymore~ looking in the mirror and seeing a few gray hairs on my extremely dark roots~YUCK!  I don't even think 40 somethin' is that old, why does everything seem to go after 40? I actually had to buy those glasses at CVS a few weeks ago because I can't read tiny writing anymore:(   Hopefully that's it for're only as young as you feel right??? Then it was time to chauffeur my kids all over town to sports practices and that's why I have a few minutes to myself to post and of course stalk some blogs. Although, it's almost time to start picking up, oh well.   Hope everyone has a nice long weekend!!

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  1. Hi Mikey.....cute project. Hope you guys have fun this weekend......I thought you didn't have school today, I must not have been a good listener!! I found a dress!! talk to ya later.