Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy Snow!!!!

See my mailbox past the tree, and to the right are 3 steps leading to my front door, so much snow!

This was Fridays storm.
Wow, the snowfall is crazy, they were predicting 12-18 inches and it is way past that now AND it is still snowing at 10am.  Anyway, it was so nice to sleep in again or sorta sleep in.  We got the call last night that school was cancelled but John's company called us this morning at 5:48 to let us know they were closed too.  Gee thanks!  I didn't fall back to sleep but it was nice to just lay there and not get up and make lunches and rush everyone out the door.  Today will be a lazy day.....yay!

Here are some pictures of my classroom, did I mention I LOVE MY SCHOOL.....and I love my room.....when I first came in in August I was a little overwhelmed to say the is the largest room I have ever had......but I like how everything turned out....

My Classroom

Word Wall, we call them muscle words, white ones are k words we know so far and yellow are first grade words.

Rug area where most of the learning takes place!

This bulletin board is done on the first day of school and is kept up all year.
This is my favorite board. Each month I give them a new sheet and they draw their portraits and write their names. I make it into a book at the end of the year to see how much they have improved.

Each morning 2 kids tell me something and I write it on the board.  I leave some punctuation marks out and spell some muscle words wrong and they pretend they are the teacher and correct it, they love this.

After we read a guided reading book, the kids highlight muscle words, take the books home to add to their "Shabby Shoeboxes" for safe keeping.

Word family flip books

My outside bulletin board is what changes each month,  I will post those soon.  I didn't want to overload too many.  Have a fun day!!!! 

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