Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Me and my hunk!
My fam

Erin and Ry

John and Dad

My poor dad was sitting nicely in his chair when all of a sudden.....timber!! It was hysterical and of course we got it on camera, lol
I do thank the men and women for all they have done for our country but I have to say when Memorial Day comes along I can't help but think summer vaca is almost here......17 more days!! Woo Hoo!!  It's kinda crazy reading most of the blogs and practically everyone is out already.  I read one blog and saw pics of her room all cleaned up and packed away......ugghhhhh what I have to look forward to.  Yuck!!  Anyway, we had a real nice weekend....I spent Friday night celebrating one of my friends birthday, had a very fun night out with the girls. Yummy french martini's and appetizers, that is my kind of night.  YUM!!  Then we spent Saturday and Sunday night BBQ-ing on the beach.  My family met us last night and it was great, no one was rushing off anywhere, just a night of hanging out and relaxing. Until the gnats came along, grrrr!  But it was great while it lasted.  Hope you all had a nice weekend too!  Here's to a wonderful week!!

Yay!!! He's BACK!!!

Flat Stanley is back!!!
How excited were we on Thursday when Danny't teacher handed me a huge package that came all the way from AUSTRALIA.  So cool!  If you remember Stanley left us for sunny CAL-I-FOR-NIA back on January 25 and he has returned to us practically 4 months to the day.  Stanley missed Danny terribly but he had some awesome adventures. He traveled to Knots Berry Farm and got to see Angel Stadium too while staying with our fun cousins(WISH WE WERE THERE INSTEAD)  Anyway, then it was off to Australia to stay with Annie's blogging friend Libby.  He spent a few days with Amy and Christy in the land down under, saw some aussie scenery, but his favorite part was going to Sydney to see Mary Poppins!! Lots of fun!!   Thanks Annie and Libby, that was a great treat!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Woo Hoooooo!!!

I got tenure......NO MORE PINK SLIPS for me!!!!  The past couple of months have been kinda un-nerving I guess you would say.  Yesterday I got a letter telling me I can stay at my position in my building, but it's only part time (for now)  It's only May, hopefully some more retirements will come through or someone leaves or someone on maternity takes a leave etc.  Today, I went to my mailbox and saw another letter from the superintendent congratulating me on my tenure effective June 30, 2011.  They're having a little reception on June 7, don't remember that in Stamford-maybe it was such a large district they didn't do stuff like that or that it was soooo long ago I have forgotten.  At any rate, I think it's real nice.  But the best part is no more pink slips!!!  Thank God!! I am one relieved lady right now!!  Hope you're having a good day too!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whirlwind couple of weeks

We have been so busy practicing for our "KINDERCOLORS" play and the big day finally arrived this past Friday.  My grade partner, who I think is the greatest person in the world has been putting this on for the last probably 10 years.  It is adorable.  We started off by singing some songs that she made up all about colors, then I get up and recite Brown Bear, while the kids tell me what they see, everyone has an animal on their headband.  Then we sang another color song and the kids turn their headbands around and they become crayons. After that each group of colors recites the color poems they have been practicing.  Kathy then gets up and recites The Crayon Box That Talked and the kids each have a part.  Finally, we end with "What a Wonderful World" in sign language, it was great, loved it. If some one gives me some pics from the actual show I will post them, I can't do it justice trying to explain it. But trust me it was adorable.  After, we went back to my room for a little celebration.  One of my mom's made the cutest cookies for each kid(see below)  In the meantime, Jack got his braces off....YAY!  I put up a pic from last year when he got them on and this year when he got them off, I can't believe how much older he looks :(  My kids are growing up way too fast.  And today was my youngest sisters graduation from college, yahooooo!  So much has been happening with the budget here that I haven't been posting much, don't want to bore anyone with the details, just hope I have good news soon, just keeping my fingers crossed.  Anyway, there's only 21 days left and after next week, we can actually do some things that are not in the darn pacing guide!!!  Maybe I can post some cute stuff again. Here's to a great week!!!  

Crayon headbands

How cute are these????  A mom made them for all the kids to take home.....and they were YUMMY too!

Animal headbands

Jack on May 5, 2010 getting his braces

Jack on May 12, 2011 BRACES OFF!!!

Kerry graduates from Fairfield University May 22, 2011