Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello and Merry Christmas!!!

Finally I have time to sit down here at the computer and actually write something. It's been so so long and even now as I am writing this I am getting frustrated because I must have a virus. I can't see what I'm writing and my computer is soooo slow. But I am determined to do this so here goes :) First and for most I have some news, I finally had a new blog designed just for teaching. Jenn over at Finally in First made this cute little old blog months ago and I'm going to use it. So check it out and let me know what you think if anyone even follows this anymore lol..... Anyway, here's a quick re-cap of the fall through Christmas through pictures

It was football, football and more football....here's  Ryan #56

Danny #56

Jack #46

Cutting down the tree at Jones Tree Farm

Our tree

Annual Bon Fire

Mom and my uncles

Me, Holly, Kerry and Kelly

Me and my cousins

Me and my boys

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

What a beautiful tribute!
This morning I saw the relecting pools for the first time on the news.  They are absolutely beautiful.  I still cry every year on this anniversary,  it is so hard to believe it has been 10 years, that day is so clear in my mind, it honestly feels like it happened yesterday....may God bless the several friends that were lost that day and their wonderful families whose pain must be unbearable. You will never ever be forgotten!   

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to School ~ Woo Hoo!

We began school on Tuesday in the rain, boo hooo had to take pictures inside, oh well things could be worse.....I felt like I ran a marathon that day, had 2 new classes, stayed after for awhile to set up for Back to School Night, went home changed and came right back....I think I ate cheerios and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich all day.....crazy, crazy day.  TOTALLY EXHAUSTED, but by Wednesday morning was glad it was now over and done with.  The rest of the week was pretty good, we're all getting into the routine, although seriously we are all so, so tired, I can't wait to go to bed tonight.  I know I've mentioned I am starting a new blog just for my teacher stuff and that is on the to do list, I have to forward my photobucket info, (which of course I can't remember any of it) to Jenn at Finally in First, I can't wait to see it once it is finished so I better figure out how I can access that information asap.  Jack is adjusting to high school, although it is so overwhelming, he's in a huge school and I kind of feel like he's just a number, there's no warmth there...hope it changes.  On the upside though, he is thrilled with football, he is starting wide receiver, defensive end and is on the kick off and punt return teams.  I'm so excited for the season to start.  Ryan is doing great so far, he loves his teachers and feels like he's grown up a lot, which kinda cracks me up, I sort of agree with him ;)  Danny had a little bit of a sad week, I kept him back in first grade and while I expected this to happen I was totally hoping it wouldn't...he has said a few times that he wants to be in second grade with his friends which kills me, but I know I did the right thing and in a few short weeks this feeling will pass, please God let it pass.  He is in a terrific class, lots of great kids and he's with his teacher from last year who we all love.  I'll just keep praying that he will be a happy little guy real soon.  Well, I know this is short and not full of too much interesting info but I really need to clean up a little and hit the hay.....Happy Weekend!  Go Giants!!!

Me and my boys, Jack 9th grade, Ryan 7th Grade and Danny 1st grade

Me and my little guy in my new room!

My AM cuties!

My PM cuties!

Me and my partner in crime....finally working together

What a week......

I originally wrote this post last Monday, Labor Day, I got a little side-tracked ;)
hit the roof and scraped down the house, ripping the screen
Well, everything I was afraid was going to happen during the hurricane did....a tree, while it wasn't that big hit our house at 2:30 am and scared the you know what out of us, I had a horrible sleep and we lost power for 6 very long days! Talk about jinxing myself (if you read my last post)....However. so many friends were so wonderful and offered their house for hot showers and washing machines. School was supposed to start last Tuesday, but had to be postponed until tomorrow. We got power back on Friday at 4:45 pm, I can't tell you the relief I felt for hours after that. I don't know how those poor people went on after Katrina, they must have very strong wills. It's just so awful to feel at the mercy of others. Hope it doesn't happen again for a ver long time. On the upside, both little guys had their first football games over the weekend and they both won!!! Woo hoo!!! I know this is brief but I really have a lot to do before school tomorrow. Happy Labor Day and here's to a great week ahead!!

Danny #56, look who my little wub has to go up against

Ryan #56

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We're battoning down the hatches...

For the last 3 days we have been bombarded by the media about Hurricane Irene to the point where now I am totally petrified...I have trees all around my house so one is bound to come my way, they've got me thinking it's inevitable how insane is that?.....but to calm myself down I keep thinking well...... it could blow the other way, right???!!!  This is so not like me....I always just think everything is going to be fine.....dontcha just love the news grrrrr, they have made me crazy, why am I still watching?  I just hope to God that 1. I am able to sleep tonight   2.  get only minimal damage and 3. we have power so I can finish up the loose ends for the first day of school....which I should be doing now instead of blogging :)  Anywho, we went back for staff development on Thursday and Friday, and Friday around 2, they sent around an email cancelling Monday which was Meet Your Teacher Day and Freshman Orientation, so I'm worried for Jack and all the freshmen, they won't know where to go at all on Tuesday and I'm worried for my little kiddos who I won't get a chance to meet until they get off the bus.....can you say CHAOS! That's what I'm imagining.  Just breathe, just breathe......In the meantime, Danny and Ryan had the football Jamboree today which is the official weigh in, here's my little guy
He did so well and he really is starting to love it.......well I seriously should do my school stuff....... here's to staying safe and calm!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Found this blog ~

this morning, Musings of Me.....I love the color booklets she has created!  And I would LOVE to have my kids go to this school, it's Cara's!!  The school spirit here is incredible!!!  How great are these boards!!  Have a great Saturday!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

So excited.....

I'm creating a new blog just for teaching, I cannot wait to see the final product!!!! Dream Team Designs is designing it for me. YAY!! Football Nut will be just for my fam, I think it will be easier that way and more conducive to what I want each one for. I'm sure most people are not interested in what I'm doing at home with the kids if they're looking up a teaching blog, right? When I originally started this blog back up it was really for my sister Annie who lives across the country, then I started finding all these AWESOME teaching blogs, so it became a major mish-mash....is that even a word??? LOL So, it will be a nice change to say the least. And did I mention I cannot wait to see it :) Anyway, onto this past week, I spent the beginning of the week in my room, I think I'm almost done-woo hoo, just a few odds and ends are left. Took Wednesday and Thursday off and unfortunately Thursday morning was a disaster. I went to the DMV....grrrrrrr!!! Talk about torture. Our lovely new Governor shut down many of the DMV's across the state, so now there are only 4 full service ones open. I wanted to scream, shear, shear torture. Spent many hours there. And this morning I was off to curriculum writing for our old/new math program. We have been using Investigations for the past few years. The district has finally upgraded to the newest version. So the day was spent checking and cross checking Investigations with the common core standards. In the past, we only had the kids rote count up to 30 and recognize numbers 1-20, now we've upped it to counting to 100 and recognizing numbers 1-30.....hope it's not too much to ask. I think a lot of kids come in knowing a lot more, but at the same time they're just babies and we expect them to read by the end of the year as well!! I know other districts have the same expectations, just praying it can happen with a half day kindergarten. We shall see, it will be a work in progress :) Anyway, it's Friday...almost time for what else??? football, have a great weekend!  Oh and below, another work in progress, MY ROOOOMMMMM!! YAY!!   

Almost done :)

What I walked into :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

My most favorite time of the year is now.....I LOVE football and I love that all 3 of my boys play.....I also LOVE getting my classroom ready for the new year......my mornings are spent in my room and my nights are spent on the field, love it, love it, love it......So far football has been great, this is Danny's first year and yes I caved and let him get a mohawk, his hair grows fast and I'm sure by the time school starts it will be all grown in ;)  at least it better be, lol.....Actually it came out much better than I thought, I don't cringe everytime I look at him, I think he looks pretty darn cute. John took yesterday off and helped me move furniture around in my room, it is really coming along, it's an odd shape and I was starting to panic~everything I did, did not look right. I loved my room from last year, it was HUGE and so bright and the best part was the door leading to the outside of the building.  I would be able to go in today if I wanted to.  I really want to get as much done as I can, because you know when everyone starts coming in, we chat way too much.   Anyway, I will bring my cam on Tuesday and take some pics.  In the meantime, I got my class lists yesterday, 18 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon, how great are those numbers!!! That's all for now, hope you have a terrific weekend!!
First day of practice

practicing some moves

love this kid

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The countdown is on.....

to get my new room done. Think I can do it??  I have taken over a room from a newly retired teacher...she has been teaching for a little over 40 years but has been in here(see below) for 20.  Stay tuned..........


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to School Bonanza

Is it that time already????

12 aweome bloggers haved teamed up for this fabulous give away.  Please see Erica Bohrer's First Grade page at http://ericabohrer.blogspot.com/  for complete directions!!  Contest ends midnight eastern time on Thursday, July 28th.  I REALLY HOPE I WIN!!!!!


Despite this heatwave, I have spent the week in my classroom each morning cleaning it up.  I have inherited a room from a teacher who had been teaching FOREVA....ha ha just kidding, 41 years.....soooooo, needless to say there's a lot to go through.  This is the second time I have had to do this and I will never do it to someone else.  When its my time to retire, I'm going to make sure my classroom is in move in condition for the next person.  The crazy thing is, this lady did clean out a lot, it's just that she has so much stuff that she thought I might be able to use.  It's fun (kinda like shopping) but its not so fun, especially with no a/c.....just can't wait to get it DONE!!! and make it mine.  I will post before and after soon.  In the meantime, I'm posting a few more pics from our trip (for you Annie), btw yours look great, can't wait to see the rest.  Today is also my mom's bday, #66, woo hoo!  We're celebrating tonight at the beach with a bbq, although right now it looks very ominous out, hope it passes by quickly AND cools us off, we've had crazy temps all week!!! So, here's to a happy Sunday!!  Ttyl!!
Berkeley Hall pool

Taking a water break walking through Savannah.

Annie, we were thinking of you.....

Jack and Sharkie

John and his trusty map of Charleston

Last beach day with a storm approaching

Watching and waiting for the storm to end

Inner Harbor, Baltimore

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our trip down south.....Holy Hotness!!!!!

We left Connecticut last Friday at 7pm and arrived at Mary(John's sister) and Richie's home in Okatie, SC at 9am. VERY LONG drive.....but after relaxing quite a bit on Saturday, we began our action packed vacation.  On Sunday we were off to a beach in Hilton Head about 20 minutes from Mary's, we spent the day there.  Thank God for the breeze, it was a bit HOT, including the water. The next day we drove down to Savannah......I'm going to complain a little here, I am partly chalking it up to the fact that it was about 114 degrees and humid.  I have to say I will not be visiting Savannah any time soon....there wasn't much to it, below is the River Walk which is very touristy, some kinda cool stores but mostly the same type of store every other one throughout the block.
River Walk, Savannah
I did think this cemetery was pretty cool. It had tons of crypts, mausoleums and awesome gravestones. 
Very old cemetery, Savannah
Back at our new home away from home, the boys were in heaven driving a golf cart everywhere on the property(they live in a golf club community)  There's so many things to do and see.  Obviously you can play golf,  you can go crabbing, watch for dolphins, fish, go tubing, kayaking etc.  And catch SHARKS!!   Hello, why are sharks in rivers??? I couldn't believe it when this lady was fishing, thought she caught one and up comes a baby shark.  Very crazy, but cool at the same time.
The boys loved driving the golf cart ALL OVER the neighborhood

River Park

Yes that's a shark!

A shark that some lady caught in the river???  Never knew that could happen.

Hilton Head Beach
Anyway, we headed out to the beach a few more times throughout the week.  When I think of a summer vacation I think BEACH, I love the beach. So glad it wasn't too far from their home. In the meantime, Mary and Rich just sold their house and want to move to Charleston within the next 2 years. My niece is attending the College of Charleston in the fall so we drove up there on Wednesday to take a look around. I LOVED Charleston except for the fact that it was probably 105 when we were walking around. So, we were dripping the majority of the time, but the kids were troopers, better than me and John ha ha! Charleston was a nice small city and I loved her college, it's right smack in the middle of town with King Street a block away.  King Street has every store you can imagine and this beautiful hotel.  Just so classy, loved it.

College of Charleston- the picture is foggy because my lens  immediately fogged up when John took the cap off.

The Citadel Hotel

Love these houses!!
It was back to the beach on Thursday, our last day, it was hot but with the breeze, the ocean and the pool it was fine.  I have to say Mary and Rich were the best hosts, we ate like kings the whole week, got to see a lot of places and really just had such a nice time. 
Our last beach day :(

The best hosts,  thanks Kenny Family

Me and my boys
Friday morning we began our trek back up north.....John, Jack and Ryan insisted on stopping at this place South of the Border....it was like a deserted carnival but it had fireworks which is what they all wanted.  John was like a kid in a candy store.....finally we continued our drive and made it to Baltimore by 7:30, went to Johns Hopkins for lax attire, and then onto the Inner Harbor to look around and eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  We finally made it home at 4 am.  It was another LONG ride, I don't know how Mary and Rich do it every couple of months.
Possibly the cheesiest place on earth ;)

 Random after thought pic, I downloaded a bunch of extra pictures, but they wouldn't go in order for me in this post, so.....below is the clubhouse down the block from their home.  Well, I need to get to bed, I'm still a little tired.  Tomorrow I'll try the ones I couldn't do today.  Hope you're all having a nice summer so far!
Berkley Hall Clubhouse