Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday ramblin's.....

Who's got the best slippers? LOL
So my friend Annie invited a bunch of girls over to de-stress......we have had 5 snow days + MLK day in the last 2 weeks. Not that I mind spending so much time with my kids, they actually leave me be and do their own thing most of the time, but you do feel like you have to do something to keep them occupado. Anyway, these are the girls I usually see everyday at parent pick up.  However, since pick up has been few and far between, it was a great night to catch up.  We brought our slippers (little side note here....yes I went out and bought new slippers and came very close to buying UGGS however common sense took over because of course the pair that I thought were awesome were $100.  I am not paying that for slippers~ at least not now;)  besides I like my $11 ones HA), back to my story, we brought our slippers, shared yummy hors deurves, played Taboo for awhile and chatted.  I left at almost 1 and was one of the first to leave.  I had to be up early to take Jack to church for his interview for confirmation which he is making at the end of April.  Jack is shy so I was real nervous for him, plus he had to memorize the Nicene Creed~that is a long you know what prayer.  I've been saying it for probably 30 years and I feel like I don't have it memorized.  Anyway, he did it and I'm so proud of him.  So.......while he was interviewing I headed over to Kohl's to see this:  What a bargain......$5 HARD COVER books and stuffed characters to go with them. Anywho...this month it's Eric Carle, I bought The Grouchy Ladybug and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  They were all out of caterpillars so I'm on the hunt today for another one, just have to figure out where the next closest Kohl's is.  Off to shop, have a great Saturday!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you stayed out til 1am!!! yuck. I am too old for that!! Glad you had fun....I love all those kohls stuffed animals.....yay for Jack btw!!! chat with you in a few! btw i got the funniest text picture from Katie...she is so funny. adios.
    your sister, Annie :)