Thursday, January 20, 2011

I LOVE how these came out!!!!!

So, like everyone else in the month of January we read tons of snow related books.  We read, Snowmen At Night, Snowballs, All You Need to Build a Snowman just to name a few.  We brainstormed all the fun things a snowman could do if he really came to life.  We made these ADORABLE snowmen out of a shaving cream and glue mixture, I LOVE THEM! I don't even want to send them home...seriously.  They came out so darn cute.  And I love the kids handwriting, that just makes the picture. So now I have to find somewhere in my room to hang them up or wait till Feb. to hang them outside.....but I have the cutest idea for my outside February bulletin board too.....what to do????  Anyway, check them out:

Another cute thing I do during literacy time is "Sticker Stories."  The kids get to choose 2 stickers, create a detailed background and then tell me the story so that I can write it down under their pictures, eventually allowing them to write themselves, see the progression below from Sept.-December.  I choose stickers that are season/theme related with very little extra detail, such as a background.  My kids love this.  We do the stories in small groups but eventually I will do it as a whole group since many kids are using inventive spelling at this point in the year.

And one last thing school related, my principal's goal this year is about the impact bullying has on everyone involved.  We are having a school wide assembly next week, each class has made these little people(which I already turned into the art teacher) They were cute, we all had to color ourselves and doodle our favorites, what we love etc and add photos of the above as well. We also were given clouds for the kids to draw how they could make the world a better place.  I added the writing portion ~ because with some k pics you may not know what the heck they are drawing ;)  Anyway, as I said the entire school has done this and our pictures will be hung up in the gym during the assembly, I can't wait to see it(and of course I will post those too)  But this is what we ended up with:

And BTW, I have been teaching for 18 years and I had never heard of CONSTRUCTION PAPER CRAYONS.  Where have I been???  I borrowed the art teacher's. They are awesome, they come out so nice and bright on construction paper.  This is a must buy for next year! On another note, we will most likely have yet another snow day tomorrow, it will be day #5, we get one more before they start taking away from April break.  I'm not even going anywhere but I can honestly say, I'm totally bummed about that......we NEED that break, wish they could take from February.  GRRRRRRRR!!!

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