Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day in my room was nice and relaxed. We decorated our mailboxes (white bags from Michael's) for morning work.  Read a few Valentine books:

Before reading The Valentine Bears, the kids predicted what the story might be about and what vocabulary might be in the story which we charted.  They love doing this, but they especially love when we check afterward to see who had the best predictions.  Then we went to gym, came back and had our Valentine snack ~ heart shaped rice krispie treats-YUM! We worked on a few math activites involving sorting and finally the moment we were waiting for ALL MORNING......delivering our Valentine's.....woo hoo!

February page for Jazzy Journal courtesy of kinderbykim

sorting conversation hearts

Decorating our bags

The finished product

Delivering cards
Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day Party, now on to the 100th day of school......tomorrow!  FINALLY....with all the snow days I was wondering if we'd ever get to it... But the best news of the week is, drumroll......... it's supposed to be 60 on Friday!  I am so excited!!  I know it's just a tease but I'll take it.  And the crazy thing is we're going skiing that afternoon, that is my kind of ski weather, lol.  Anyway, Danny's class is having International Night tonight that I have to go get ready for.  ttyl

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