Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fun

These were the cute groundhogs I was posting about earlier this week. I read Punxatawny Phyllis and Groundhog Day. The kids predicted whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow on the Yes and No graph. Then we wrote about our predictions filling in with the "muscle words" Side note: If you're wondering why we call them muscle words, I'm right with ya- haha just kidding- my sister thinks our word wall is so ugly and I may have to agree :) But I am new to the district and this school so I'm just going to go with it. Anyway, they are the words the kids have to know by the end of K, you can't sound them out, you have to memorize them. We tell the kids these words are like muscles in your body, you need to have muscles to hold things in place. And we need to know these words in order to complete sentences. Ok, back to groundhogs, then today we graphed whether or not their predictions were correct. This was a little tricky because if they said no the groundhog won't see his shadow, they had to put yes on todays graph. This took a little longer than I would have liked because some just didn't get it. Oh well, live and learn.




Our real science unit is suppsed to be on Shelters for animals. I sent home the houses for the kids to look in magazines to find and label at least 5 animal homes. They came out pretty cute, some families went all out! Then I introduced them again to the Venn Diagram. They did a great job.



We finally got to go back to school today.  The board of ed voted last night to take February Break away.  I'm so glad, I'd much rather have April.  March-June would be a LONG stretch. In other news here, John and Ryan are going on the middle school ski trip.  I'm so excited for them, Ryan has never skied and John hasn't skied in years.  The last time we went was way before Jack was born to this fabulous place.  I have BIG plans for when I get a full time job again  LOL.  All I ever say is when I get a full time job we are so going there again. California, Disney World and now because we're talking about skiing, this place - ha ha.   I always say to John though, getting to stay home with my little dude was so worth it and I wouldn't change anything. But still, fingers and toes are crossed beyond crossed for full time.  Well I hope you have a terrific Friday!!

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  1. Awesome projects!! I LOVE the groundhogs....those are the cutest!!!! Your kids are so lucky to have you....lots of fun AND learning!! That is the way it should be! We called our "muscle words" red words btw! But whatever works, ugly or not. Have fun this weekend, I am up late here.....can't sleep, I will have to fill you in on why on Monday!