Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl XLV Steelers vs. Packers

Even though the Giants were not playing today, we were very excited for the big game.  Jack wants the Packers to win, the rest of us are indifferent.  Danny was totally up for making these cute football dudes, had to coerce the older ones just a little.  But they got very into it.  I asked everyone who they wanted to make, a Giant, a Steeler or a Packer.  Danny and Ry went for the Giants, Jack made Aaron Rogers. Love how they turned out!

Kevin Boss, Phil Simms and Aaron Rogers

Wanted to get this in before Danny Boy fell asleep.  He ended up making a bloody player too.  Did you like the Black Eyed Peas?  I love them, but I kinda thought they sounded a little weird, maybe the sound system wasn't working that great or something.  Well, back to watching the rest of the game, this was the fastest post ever.  Have a Happy Monday!!


  1. I love these I am the hugest Packer's fan and my whole classroom is Green Bay. The funny thing is I live in Oklahoma! (: I am definitely going to do these with my first grade class. Thanks for sharing!