Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr. Seuss and other random stuff...

What we're doing for our Dr. Seuss party next week.....
On Tuesday I am going to read after we discuss Dr. Seuss, the kids will make Cat in the Hat headbands.  I have red templates all set up, the kids need to cut them out, add white strips and glue onto red poster board to make the headband.  I will save these in our room for our party the next day.  The kids are set up in groups of 4-5.  We will have 4 centers set up and will rotate every 20 minutes.
After listening to part of The first group will go to snack and eat green(lime) jello egg shaped jigglers along with alphabet cookies and juice.  I have a student who is allergic to almost everything and this is what she can have.  I would love to eat green eggs and ham though, maybe next year!
The next group will listen to part of  after they will fish for rhyming words from a blow up pool.  I bought these at Michael's and wrote words from the word families we have gone over so far.  After they pick up a fish, they will write what is says on a cute little worksheet and write a rhyming word in the fish next to it.  If I knew how to download I would, I need to figure that out :(  sorry.
Group 3 will listen to part of .  We have a button maker at school and we ordered Dr. Seuss buttons that say I Love to Read!  that the kids will color and make into buttons.
Group 4 will listen to part of  and make these adorable Cat in the Hat pictures with different color hats and bow ties that the children will choose.  They will then cut up the sentence "The hat on my cat is ____." and put it back in order and add a color word.  Danny came to school with me today and he made an example:
We're only reading part of each book because of timing issues but Dr. Seuss is my author of the month and I will read those during March.  I thought it would be fun to have a mystery reader throughout March as well, I know the kids will get a kick out of guessing whose mom or dad or grandparent is coming in to read to our class.
In other news, we all went skiing on Friday night and had a blast. I haven't skied in probably 17 years and I loved it. Skiing is like riding a bike, once you get going again it's a piece of cake. All 3 kids made it look so easy. Ryan and John had gone just a couple of weeks ago and Ry picked it up right away, so I didn't really see him the whole night. I felt a little sorry for Jack, it was his first time and all of his friends have been going for years, so he kinda just hung out with me and John. Something a 14 year really wants to do...NOT!  His buds were going on black diamonds and he was stuck with us :( Maybe next time he goes, he'll have more confidence and try the bigger hills. Danny was awesome, he looked so cute skiing down the bunny hill, so serious too, it was so funny. Unfortunately, it started to thunder and lightning which freaked him out so we called is a day, but he hasn't stopped talking about it since. The rest of the weekend was filled with basketball games and YAY!......football. Jack is playing in a winter indoor league and the jamboree was on Sunday, our real games start this Sunday coming up. Woo Hoo!  I love watching him play. And today was back to school and back to reality.

Danny riding up whatever this is called, sort of like an escalator.  Pretty cool.

Jack and Danny.

Even when he fell, he was all smiles!


  1. I love your ideas, but your pictures of your kids are even cuter! They grow so fast.


  2. Thanks Kim :) Hope you have a good day, 2 more till the weekend, this week is flying!!

  3. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE your ideas for Dr. Suess day Mikey!! Awesome! I can't believe you went skiing on Friday night and actually enjoyed it! a.) it must have been freezing and b.) I can't believe you weren't scared after not doing it for 17 years c.) I don't remember you telling me you went skiing when we talked yesterday!
    Anyway, I want to do your activities with my kids!! Very fun! You are so creative! Come out to Cali. to teach please!!

  4. Anner, it was my kind of ski weather...60 degrees!!! Otherwise do you really think I'd be out there...haha!