Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Cara! My California Girl!

Me and my ADORABLE god-daughter :)

Cara and Annie, Brunch at the club, Easter 2010

Happy Birthday!

Angels - Yankee Game  Cami, Cara, Ry, Jack, Annie and Danny
Wish we were together again this year celebrating!!!  Hope you have a great day, miss you all so much!! Love you!


  1. Thanks Mikey....wish we were home with you guys!! I want to go to the club on Easter again and then take the train into the city...and eat at the Rye Bar and Grille.....and have a slice of Sal's.......miss you guys!! I told Cara all the happy birthdays you sent!! Thanks!! Love ya.

  2. Hello??? Your blog is dead,.....re vive it!!!