Saturday, March 12, 2011

Major randomness......

Annie you have got to make this......YUMMY!  DSC_0039
This was my day.......

  • Laundry, laundry and more laundry.  Start the major overhaul of the basement.
  • Danny basketball 12:30-1:30, Danny invites his little buddy to go to the pottery place
  • Saw someone at the game who told me he is convinced MY school is going to close because of the budget cuts...which put me in a great mood....b/c I don't think that is going to happen at all.  That is a consideration if the town council votes to go lower than the first selectman's it will never happen..right?  I better be right.
  • After the game we race over to Hands on Pottery to paint the platters and bowls for the 1st and 4th grade projects
  • I haven't been to a pottery place in a million yrs, Danny and his buddy picked some little guys to paint that I thought were $1 each, they have 9 altogether, then they ask to paint treasure chests, so I say ok, because I still have to work on the bowls and platters.  In the meantime, poor Jack came with me too, because he was bored and I thought I'd only be there for an hour.  Finally, 2 hours later I'm done, I want to get out of there, the lady is wrapping up my stuff, I'm telling her what paints I need to bring to school to have the kids paint their little fingerprints with...blah,blah,blah.....CA-CHING I almost died with Danny and his little buddy's bill, $67!  WHAT  was I thinking?  Most expensive playdate EVER! Not to mention, the bill for the school projects was $275.
  • Drive to get Colony Pizza for Jack who was a saint today,  I'm sure he was bored out of his mind.  Anner next time you're home, you have to try it out. 
  • Come home to find my basement transformed, yay! into our family room.  John is the best!
  • Leave to go back out to Homegoods to find a shower gift for my cousins fiance whose shower is tomorrow.  Love the platter I bought for her, hope she does too!  It's simple and white and not heavy
  • Get gross McDonalds for Danny, sorry if you like mickey dee's I just can't do it anymore, have to be starving
  • Cut John's hair
  • Blog but I keep looking at the clock because we want to go to 9am mass tomorrow which will really be like 8am mass so I better go to bed or I will never get up in time, nighty, night!!


  1. LOL on the pottery, those places are crazy expensive....sounds like a busy weekend but what else is new with should have gone to the WP St. Patty's day parade! I haven't done anything with Stanley btw b/c we have been so sick, Cami has a fever now that Cara finally got back to school....crazy winter. Talk to you soon! Love the song btw!

  2. There's nothing else new unless you want to hear about not sleeping, not eating, praying I have a job in Sept, wondering if I should speak at any of these ridiculous crappy meetings where the town officials have already made up their's so annoying...i hate politics. And also, since report cards are going home next week, we've been working on those so no cute stuff. I love this song too, Danny hates it LOL. When I was posting it kept coming on over and over. BTW did you see my post on fb where Denis Fahey commented, that guy is so funny, he had me laughing.