Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Paddy's Day........

We've read several St. Paddy's Day books this week, but this is the only craft, if that's what you want to call it that we've been able to do.  I have been assessing out the you know what.  Report cards go home on the 25th.  Plus.....I am chairing our adult night out fundraiser at my little guys school, it's a Murder Mystery/Art Auction.   I can't wait for it, I always wanted to go to a murder mystery show.  We're using Murder Mystery Inc, I just hope the show they put on is entertaining.  The art auction part is what is putting me over the edge a little.  I decided to do it a little different this year and have theme art projects per grade level.  So all the first grade classes are doing platters, the kindergarten classes have painted on canvas etc.  But one mom is in charge of each grade level. And because I felt a little bad about asking people to do this, I'm getting a lot of their supplies, not to mention I'm doing the first grade projects.  I ran this about 4 years ago and we had the room mom's do the projects and it caused a lot of tension and anxiety.  Now I'm the one with tension and anxiety, ha! I found out it is pink slip time once again -36 of us will be getting them.  So.... probably for the next few months I might be b*tching and moaning about my job :(  sorry.  Anyway, so glad it's Friday, this was a long week.  Happy Weekend people!

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  1. Sounds insanely busy....hope you have a fun weekend! Love ya!