Friday, April 15, 2011

Murder Mystery at the Art Auction

Well, the last month has been CRAZY!!!  I was running a fundraiser at Danny's school.  It was a Murder Mystery/Art Auction.  We called it Murder Mystery at the Art Auction.  Each class was responsible for creating an art project that was auctioned off.  I LOVE doing this but it is a lot of work.  The projects were fabulous.  Each grade level had a theme and the mom went with it.  It was slim pickins getting people to do this though. And I ended up pitching in a lot more than I wanted to, however, the end result was great, we had a blast that night and we raised a little money for the school.  Below are some of the projects:
bowls-4th grade projects, framed art on left 5th grade and canvas print on right kindergarten

1st grade platters and 3rd grade inspiration stones

I love these, the mom uses clay, ribbons and driftwood.  So pretty!

Mixture of 5th, K and 2nd grade projects

Dancin' Queens

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