Saturday, August 27, 2011

We're battoning down the hatches...

For the last 3 days we have been bombarded by the media about Hurricane Irene to the point where now I am totally petrified...I have trees all around my house so one is bound to come my way, they've got me thinking it's inevitable how insane is that?.....but to calm myself down I keep thinking well...... it could blow the other way, right???!!!  This is so not like me....I always just think everything is going to be fine.....dontcha just love the news grrrrr, they have made me crazy, why am I still watching?  I just hope to God that 1. I am able to sleep tonight   2.  get only minimal damage and 3. we have power so I can finish up the loose ends for the first day of school....which I should be doing now instead of blogging :)  Anywho, we went back for staff development on Thursday and Friday, and Friday around 2, they sent around an email cancelling Monday which was Meet Your Teacher Day and Freshman Orientation, so I'm worried for Jack and all the freshmen, they won't know where to go at all on Tuesday and I'm worried for my little kiddos who I won't get a chance to meet until they get off the bus.....can you say CHAOS! That's what I'm imagining.  Just breathe, just breathe......In the meantime, Danny and Ryan had the football Jamboree today which is the official weigh in, here's my little guy
He did so well and he really is starting to love it.......well I seriously should do my school stuff....... here's to staying safe and calm!!!


  1. How did the hurricane go? Good luck tomorrow....just give the parents a few minutes, then ring a bell, say something comforting to them and then herd them all out the door! Good luck tomorrow, we are in Vegas, I will call u tomorrow!

  2. Mikey,

    Hope all is well! I love your blog! You have received the Versatile Blogger Award. Go to my post:
    to check it out!