Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

My most favorite time of the year is now.....I LOVE football and I love that all 3 of my boys play.....I also LOVE getting my classroom ready for the new mornings are spent in my room and my nights are spent on the field, love it, love it, love it......So far football has been great, this is Danny's first year and yes I caved and let him get a mohawk, his hair grows fast and I'm sure by the time school starts it will be all grown in ;)  at least it better be, lol.....Actually it came out much better than I thought, I don't cringe everytime I look at him, I think he looks pretty darn cute. John took yesterday off and helped me move furniture around in my room, it is really coming along, it's an odd shape and I was starting to panic~everything I did, did not look right. I loved my room from last year, it was HUGE and so bright and the best part was the door leading to the outside of the building.  I would be able to go in today if I wanted to.  I really want to get as much done as I can, because you know when everyone starts coming in, we chat way too much.   Anyway, I will bring my cam on Tuesday and take some pics.  In the meantime, I got my class lists yesterday, 18 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon, how great are those numbers!!! That's all for now, hope you have a terrific weekend!!
First day of practice

practicing some moves

love this kid


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  2. Hi Mikey! The boys look cute! Are mohawks in? Chrissy kid got one too.