Friday, April 15, 2011

School Happenings.....

Libby's Nan in Jolly ol' England
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Well....there's been a lot going on at school, I didn't want to sit and complain for the whole month, maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I was super busy with the fundraiser.  Anyway, last night the town council voted to not give the BOE any extra money. This of course upset a lot of people but I think it may be ok. I don't know about any of your BOE's but ours seems to miraculously find money every year.  And if that happens I am going to scream, it will be for the most part a happy scream, but an aggravated one too. For the past month we have been wondering what was going to get cut, who was going to get cut etc. And I just think that is terrible to do to people.  In the meantime, I had the MYSTERY READERS come in.  This was awesome!!  The parents gave me 2 dates that they could come in, I chose one, sent out a calendar, they emailed me 5 clues about themselves, the last 2 being very obvious to their child.  Then I'd have that student go out and check out who the mystery reader was.  To see the looks on their faces when they realized it was their mom, dad or grandma was priceless.  The coolest one was when we skyped a little cuties grandma in England.  So, so cool.  Today, Alyssa Capucilli, the author of Biscuit came to school for a visit, and this is how we rounded off Literature Week.  The mystery reader was a great segue into this week, worked out perfectly. 

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