Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bronx Zoo or bust.........

Ok so we set off this morning for the Bronx Zoo.  I made it down to Fordham Rd in 45 minutes.  I was so pyched.  We get to the zoo exit and it is bumper to bumper.  Normally it would take 5 minutes from the exit to the parking lot.  IT TOOK AN HOUR AND A HALF!  We were ready to scream.  We get to the parking lot to find that it is full and so are all the other ones.  GRRRRRRR!  The Bronx Zoo was a bust!  I didn't want to drive all the way home, so I decided to take the kids to one of my favorite places, Manor Park. I have such awesome childhood memories there.  My parents used to take us a lot and we'd go for walks and climb on all the rocks.  It is such a cool place. 

I love this place!

Yes, they are practically wrestling on the word ~ DOPES! ;)

Climbing one of the "huts"

Hi Ry!

Danny just relaxing

The only one who will really pose for me now
Shore Club in the distance, cannot wait for the summer!

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