Sunday, December 26, 2010

December re~cap....

Overall, December was a great month. We did so many fun things, so it flew of course. Katie, Mike and the kids came over on the 23rd for pre~Christmas festivities......Santa arriving on the firetruck to deliver a gift to each of the kids, followed by pizza and decorating gingerbread men.

Danny and Haley showing off their gingerbread dudes!

I love this firetruck all lit up, it drives around town blaring Christmas tunes delivering presents. The kids get a huge kick out of it, as do the adults. Although, Santa could have looked more Santa-ish :)

Here's Danny at his Christmas party before vacation.

Note to self....never go to NYC the SATURDAY before Christmas!!!
What a nightmare, it was wall to wall people everywhere we went. We go every year and we can't remember if I just take a day off and we go during the week....but we will never do this again. We still had fun, I LOVE going to the city, it was just way too congested, thank God I don't have claustriphobia(sp?) We ended the day back in Rye at our favorite restaurant, YUM!!

It was Jack's 14th birthday! We celebrated as usual, dinner at hibachi followed by cupcakes~no icing, my kids are weird LOL. I still can't believe I have a 14 year old, his voice is changing and he towers over me, this all happened too quickly, I want him to stay little :(

OK, this is weird, I thought I posted another picture of John cutting down the Christmas tree. And now that I'm thinking about it, there was a family picture in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center I will post them after so bear with me, haven't blogged in almost 2 years.....anyway, we go cut down our tree here: http// The last 2 Christmases it snowed and it looked so pretty, this year was nice, however I just like the snow to get us in the mood. We found our tree in record timing, cut it down and were done within a half hour. Then it was home to put it up, although we didn't decorate it for 3 whole days..long story :) maybe I bore ya with details another day!

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