Sunday, July 24, 2011


Despite this heatwave, I have spent the week in my classroom each morning cleaning it up.  I have inherited a room from a teacher who had been teaching FOREVA....ha ha just kidding, 41 years.....soooooo, needless to say there's a lot to go through.  This is the second time I have had to do this and I will never do it to someone else.  When its my time to retire, I'm going to make sure my classroom is in move in condition for the next person.  The crazy thing is, this lady did clean out a lot, it's just that she has so much stuff that she thought I might be able to use.  It's fun (kinda like shopping) but its not so fun, especially with no a/c.....just can't wait to get it DONE!!! and make it mine.  I will post before and after soon.  In the meantime, I'm posting a few more pics from our trip (for you Annie), btw yours look great, can't wait to see the rest.  Today is also my mom's bday, #66, woo hoo!  We're celebrating tonight at the beach with a bbq, although right now it looks very ominous out, hope it passes by quickly AND cools us off, we've had crazy temps all week!!! So, here's to a happy Sunday!!  Ttyl!!
Berkeley Hall pool

Taking a water break walking through Savannah.

Annie, we were thinking of you.....

Jack and Sharkie

John and his trusty map of Charleston

Last beach day with a storm approaching

Watching and waiting for the storm to end

Inner Harbor, Baltimore

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